Alternative Norse Miniatures

Selected by the White Knight


17. Grendel

Grendel, manufacturer of "Leviathan" and "Grendel fantasy", makes many large scale resin models of both monsters and decors, as well as metal miniatures or combinations of both. The range includes a cracking 160mm Norse giant in the 25mm scale (F0016). The model can be used with or without his shield and comes with bare head and optional helmet.

18. Verlinden Productions

Manufacturer of large scale historical and fantasy kits which can serve as giants for our purposes. The models shown are from the "Historical Series" and are in the 120mm scale. If you're feeling more bold in your miniature choice you could also check out this Valkyrie from the "Fantasy Series", which is also in 120mm.

They also make a 150mm skeletal viking, which you can see here on page 2 of All Things Bony

19. Andrea Miniatures

Another manufacturer of miniatures in different scales (30mm, 54mm, 80mm, etc...), but naturally the 30mm ones caught our attention. They sell a range called "3D Miniatures", which includes a line of "Camelot" miniatures. There's a handful of vikings to be found and I especially like the drunk couple and the viking with his captive. Despite the stated 30mm scale, many miniatures from the range are closer to 25mm.

20. Gladiator Games

This company which only recently started producing 25mm miniatures, has a range of Dark Age warriors, which includes Vikings and Anglo Danes. They claim to be "fully compatible with Foundry and Gripping Beast". The paintjobs on the site make it a bit difficult to accurately judge the sculpting level.

21. Whitecross Games

Another UK-based manufacturer of historical miniatures at decent prices. The range has bondi and huscarls with spears, axes or bows, a command group and some berserkers.

"Some of their earlier ranges are less detailed, but Barry is getting better. The first of these were on view at Swindon Siege last year. Even provided a limited edition figure for the show. These aren't to Foundry standards, but fully as good as Old Glory. A bit tall: some of the command figures are stretching to 30mm." - aecurtis

22. Fenryll Miniatures

French Manufacturer of resin Fantasy miniatures. The resin allows for a greater level of detail, but also makes the weight of your miniatures disturbingly light. They have a Valkyrie and a set of three Northmen.

23. Dolmen

This company produces a range of very nice resin statues that can be painted up to use as giants. One of those is a very impressive 21 cm Viking (ref. AM-VI14, weight 1100g).

24.Eureka Miniatures

Australian minis from down under. this company has an ever expanding range, growing in all directions, including some Norse miniatures called "Isleman". The unarmoured ones are nothing special, but the ones in mail are servicable.

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Finally, do remember that Saxons work well as ersatz vikings!

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