Alternative Norse Miniatures

Selected by the White Knight



This company produces some fantasy Norse in their fantasy miniatures line under "Tribe of the Midnight Sun" including a raiding party (with praying priest) and a weapons and shield assortment.

10. Ral Partha

An other oldtimer of miniatures production. Their best source for fantasy Norse miniatures are the "Tyrants" and "Reavers" from their "Barbarian Empire" range in the "All Things Dark & Dangerous" line. All models come with (metal) slotted bases and include characters, command figures, spearmen, shieldmaidens, crossbowmen, scouts and berserkers. In the US the old Ral Partha models are available from Iron Wind Metals.

The "Thane Mounted Valkyrie" (Principate) from the "Crucible" line might be useful as well.

11. Essex

Another manufacturer of historical miniatures. Some are, well frankly, very amateurish, but the vikings are a later range and generally far superior to their usual efforts. Most of those make decent rank & file models. The golden rule with Essex is always to see them first before you buy, though. No blind online ordering!

12. Artizan Designs

This UK-based company founded by Foundry-refugee Mike Owen produces some excellent historical miniatures. One of Mike's latest ranges is vikings and will include bondi, hirdsmen, hersir, characters, jarll and command figures. These great figures should go very well with the current Foundry range.


13. Irregular Miniatures

Another UK-based company producing miniatures in any imaginable scale from 2mm up to 54mm. They're not the best, but they're decent figs at affordable prices.

14. Redoubt Enterprises

Another manufacturer of historical miniatures. Generally I'm not too fond of their miniatures, but I haven't seen the vikings. Their online catalog uses small drawings to represent the miniatures. Some interesting concepts, but hard to judge what the finished miniatures look like.

15. Bronze Age Miniatures

This company produces miniatures in 25mm, 54mm and 1/8 scale. One viking in the 25mm historical range.

16. Griffin Miniatures

They produce a model for the god Thor in their "Masterpiece Collections" range, which would make an excellent giant for your Norse army. He stands at an impressive 165mm, weighs 1.1 kg, is cast in English pewter and comes in seventeen parts. Very nice, but... he'll cost you.

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Finally, do remember that Saxons work well as ersatz vikings!

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